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5 Things You Can Do To Lower Your Cholesterol Naturally

5 Things You Can Do To Lower Your Cholesterol Naturally

Cholesterol has become a problem for so many people in the world. It can cause issues when a person develops a heart problem because of it. So, it’s important to control its levels because it can take your life. Now, cardiologists have even suggested that people, who are more than 20 years old, should be checked for artery blocking levels of this substance once in half a decade. If some people have heart diseases in the family, then the frequency of this check up should be even more. But, the danger levels also depend on the kind of cholesterol that you have in the body. It’s tough to control the levels of bad cholesterol rather than good cholesterol. The levels of good cholesterol can be controlled by making simple changes in the lifestyle. A faster reduction can be brought out by drug therapies. Drug therapies can control the cholesterol in a time period of 6 weeks only.

Even use of lower saturated fat can also cause reduction of cholesterol in the body. Such saturated sources are eggs and foods which contain cholesterol in large amounts. Such foods include red meat and butter. Exercise is the best way to get rid of high cholesterol.

Patients can also decrease cholesterol by consuming more vegetables and fruits. It’s because such substances include whole grains which contain antioxidants. They can help in the reduction of cholesterol. In fact, such fiber can help in sucking up of the built cholesterol levels in the body. Many sources of fibers like oats, barley are responsible for decreasing such cholesterol levels.

Although some of the people feel quite sad when they hear about their high cholesterol levels, they can make an analysis of many factors before reducing it. The reduction also depends on many kinds of factors which include smoking, diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity. Such risk factors make you more susceptible to a heart disease. Even if this disease is a part of the family’s legacy, then you are more likely to contract it. So, the doctors can recognize your risk of getting this disease after analyzing all these factors. So, doctors advise a quicker reduction when they find about such factors. They can ask for a reduction in the LDL to 70. But, the figure won’t be much low if you are not vulnerable towards the disease. So, the LDL reduction can be only till 130.

Although lifestyle modifications can also bring about the changes, it’s better to opt for drugs. It’s because drugs can cause a faster depletion of the cholesterol levels. There are many kinds of drugs which can induce a reduction in the level of cholesterol. So, although any person should try to reduce his smoking habits and lose weight they however can’t bring out much change in the cholesterol levels. Such changes are sufficient only for people who don’t have much high cholesterol levels, for others using drugs is important. Some kinds of medications which can cause reduction in the levels of cholesterol are niacin, fibrates and bile acid resins. Such medicine s can cause great reduction s especially statins which can produce changes by 20 to 50 %.