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5 Reasons to Reach for a Healthy, Organic Snack During the Day

Organic food is gaining in popularity, but the majority of consumers still opt for food choices that are conventionally farmed and prepared. While most consumers know that organically-sourced foods are the better option, few know exactly why. Many individuals struggle with the fact that conventional fruits, vegetables, and meat are not as healthy as we once thought.

  1. By choosing healthier foods, you are investing in the future.

“Organically-sourced” refers to the way that agricultural products are grown and processed. This may include improving soil quality, weed and insect control that does not involve the use of pesticides and interrupting cycles of pests and disease.

Not only are these food options healthier for your body, but they are also rooted in processes that are more sustainable for the environment and other living organisms. Pollution reduction, safer livestock habitats, sustainable resource cycles, and the enhancement of water and soil quality are all positive attributes of sustainable farming.

  1. Organically-sourced foods are a healthier and safer option for consumers.

Studies have shown that consuming clean produce, dairy products, and meat is beneficial for bodily functions. In fact, small to moderate increases in nutrients present in produce have been found in organically harvested crops. Lower cadmium (a toxic metal) levels are present in organically-sourced grains, reduced levels of detected pesticide residue and a lower risk of bacterial contamination within organically-sourced meat are all positive attributes of organically-sourced food.

The benefits of consuming organically-sourced food continue to mound as scientific studies are compiled. Simply put: fewer chemicals equals healthier humans. And now we can use organic food coloring to bring a familiar look to a healthier choice.

  1. Reduce your pesticide exposure through the consumption of organically-farmed food.

Every time you take a bite of a fruit or a vegetable, you are also consuming anything present on the outside of the produce at that time. While we would like to think that all of the produce on the shelves are clean, that is simply not the case.

Have you ever heard of the “dirty dozen?” This is a list of the top 12 most likely fruits/vegetables to be contaminated by pesticides and is better when purchased from a natural source. Simply put, conventional crops have been shown to contain up to four times more pesticide residue than their natural counterparts. Essentially, eating an organic diet can reduce your exposure to these harmful chemicals.

  1. Organic snack options are more likely to be natural foods, as well.

While clean food options do not tout their lack of additives, coloring, or preservatives, they often possess these qualities. Oftentimes, an organic snack is less processed and possesses fewer hormones than conventional foods.

However, there are many ways to make these healthy food choices look more like other well-known snacks. The use of organic food coloring is always another option to make food appear similar to it’s the conventional counterpart.

  1. It is becoming more affordable, due to an increase in popularity.

The cost of any natural, responsibly-sourced snack is no longer a reason to abstain from investing in them. As more consumers become aware of the ill effects of conventionally-farmed food, they are purchasing from companies that are more organically-based.

Thus, the law of large numbers means that profits are abounding and products are becoming more affordable for everyone. Investing in our health is paying off.