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Basic vitamins that are needed by women to help them stay healthy

To stay strong and healthy, the human body must have a constant supply of various nutritional elements in specified amounts failure to which it ends up not only weak and prone to diseases but also poor in the skin quality and other negative effects. It is common to meet some individuals who are deficient in one vitamin or another in our daily activities even in the contemporary times. Majority of people, in fact only 5% of the total population have their bodies supplied with enough vitamin D today. In addition to the vitamin supply the entire family has in their diet with every meal, women require an extra amount since their bodies go through so much all the time hence require not only extra care but also additional vitamins as well. The feminine bodies are expected to have an extra and additional supply of minerals and vitamins due to the complex and complicated duties they perform such as bringing forth a new life, doing away with the menstrual needs all the months of their lives except under special conditions among others. There are several types of vitamins and minerals that every woman should always include in their diet that are meant to prepare their bodies and take them through all the tough and complex roles they go through as women.

The folic acid, B9, is an essential vitamin that should always be part of the feminine diet all the time, every time. It can be artificially incorporated in meals where the natural ones are a challenge. It is also referred to as folate when it is found in its natural state such as in foods. Some of its key roles include spine and brain formation and development. It is also known to help in the development of the DNA as well as the RNA and also to protect the DNA from any changes that may lead to occurrence of cancer. Bearing in mind the roles it plays, it is most important and required in high amounts by women who are trying to conceive or expectant already to help in not only the brain development of the fetus but also all the other essential functions.

The B6 is one vitamin that should never miss on such a list too. It performs crucial roles such as making sure that the metabolism rates are effective and the brain functioning is as expected. It is responsible for making sure that the immunity is always strong all the time. The women are advised to take it only in the required amounts since very high amounts result in undesired effects on the body.

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