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Why is it high time you should switch to shisha pens if you’re smoking cigarettes?

Are you someone who is new into the world of electronic cigarettes and cigars? If answered yes, you should definitely think of trying an electronic cigarette kit to make life easier and simpler. Welcome to this brand new world of vaping and if you’re worried about what you’re going to do, you can be rest assured that you’re in safe hands and you will gradually be able to move away from the dreadful touch of tobacco and nicotine at all means.

Though there are several brands and a wide array of products but basically the benefits and pitfalls of these devices are almost the same. If you wish to start off with shisha pens, you should first educate yourself on the benefits of shisha pens and why you should make the switch. Read on to know more on this.

#1: They’re portable

Once you check out to get an idea of what shisha pens are, you will soon know that they’re extremely portable in nature. The pen can be smoked whenever and wherever you want. The entire thing is of the size of an ink pen and the user can easily use in the form of a cigar. It is so light and portable that the user can carry it along with the pocket, bag or even inside the purse. This makes e-cigar also extremely convenient.

#2: Free from any form of nicotine

If you’re looking forward to getting rid of regular cigarettes or cigars, the shisha pen is certainly the best possible option for you. Though it doesn’t contain nicotine yet it is capable of giving you that ‘throat hit’ for which you actually keep smoking cigars. Nicotine is considered as the addictive substance and this is the ultimate reason behind the addiction to cigars. But shisha pens don’t have any of these and hence they’re much less addictive.

#3: Free from tobacco

One more benefit of using shisha pen is that they don’t even contain tobacco. As you’re successfully able to ditch those conventional cigarettes, you’re actually eliminating the need of inhaling tobacco and the 7000 carcinogens which it contains and which cause cancer. Hence, if you’ve been long planning the switch, make sure you do it immediately.

#4: You don’t require cleaning it

Maintaining the shisha pens is very easy as you don’t even need to clean them regularly. However, in case you’re a cleanliness freak, you could do it once or twice.

Therefore, if you’re someone who is eager to switch to vaping from smoking, try it out with the shisha pens to reap the above mentioned benefits.

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