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Why choose a career in healthcare?

Did you know that healthcare is expected to become the fastest growing sector in the US economy right through 2026? It’s estimated that over 11 million more workers will be needed over the next few years to cope with that expansion and replace those coming to the end of their careers. If you’re looking for job security, you couldn’t ask for a better field to work in, but there are also lots of other great reasons to choose healthcare. These are some of the most important.

You can help people

When it comes to job satisfaction, nothing beats the feeling that comes from helping people. Wouldn’t you like to be able to look back upon retirement and know that there are people out there who are alive because of you? Whatever role you choose, you’ll be contributing to a system that saves lives, improves quality of life and helps to bring new lives safely into the world. What better way could there be to spend your working hours?

You’ll be respected

Whether you’re a top doctor or simply a hospital porter helping to get people and supplies to where they’re needed, people will respect you when you work in healthcare because they know that you’re there to help them. You’ll never feel awkward talking about what you do at social events (although you might want to spare people some of the gritty details) and your family will be proud of you.

There are jobs at every educational level

Whether you have a PhD or you failed to graduate high school, there are jobs in medicine that you can do, and lots of opportunities to improve your education while you work. These college videos from Bryant and Stratton explain some of the ways you can take medical courses that fit around work. Most medical training also involves hands-on practical work and you’ll have the chance to meet people working in many different roles, helping to figure out what most appeals to you.

You can earn well

Medical consultants are some of the highest earning professionals in the country and at lower levels the pay you’ll receive in medicine generally compares favorably with other professions. You’ll have health cover provided even at the lowest levels and a range of benefits including a generous approach to sick leave – because the last thing clinics and hospitals need is staff coming in to work when they’re infectious.

You can work around other commitments

If you have young children or other responsibilities as a carer, if you’re studying part time or if you’re doing charity work, you’ll be able to find jobs in medicine that fit around this. Shift work is commonplace within medical organizations and flexible working arrangements are better than in other sectors. The gap between what full time and part time positions pay per hour is smaller, so you won’t miss out if you can’t commit to a full time role.

You’ll have good prospects

As well as being good at retaining employees, medical organizations are good at advancing them. Most roles have clearly established career paths which allow for automatic advancement after a certain period of time as long as you achieve basic skills standards. This means increases in salary and the opportunity to take on more challenging work. In some roles you’ll be encouraged to move between departments so that you can broaden your knowledge and share what you’ve learned.

You’ll never get bored

Whatever job you choose, you’ll find that no two days are the same in the world of medicine. There are always new puzzles to be solved and new challenges to meet. If you work in a public-facing position you’ll meet people from every walk of life. Most clinics and hospitals are continually busy so there’s a lot happening and if you’ve finished your immediate tasks then you can always find someone to talk to, with most patients glad to have a bit of company or additional emotional support.

You’ll always have options

Because healthcare is such a diverse field, there are always opportunities to move sideways into new areas if you decide you’d like to do something different. This also makes it easier to accommodate changes in your personal life, such as acquiring new domestic responsibilities or developing a disability that limits your activities. The fact that healthcare workers are in such high demand all around the country means that you can live where you like, making it easier to find a home you love and be near the people who are most important to you.

With so much to recommend it, healthcare is an amazing field to get into. Why not start exploring the different career paths within it today?