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What Services Does a Website Designer Provide?

If you are looking for a company to create you a website for your business, you might be interested in learning about what services they provide. Every website created by a Sacramento Web Design firm will be fully functional and ready for the public. A lot of work goes into creating a completed website.

Here are the types of services that provide work towards creating your website.

Creative Direction

This team creates the design idea for your website that will attract the customers and your intended audience. They layout your website and begin the plans for other teams to get their idea from page to screen.


All the writing that needs to be done on a website will be created by the copywriter. Their job is to create all blog posts or product descriptions that you want to include on your website. They will create engaging text that is not only informative, but really holds the reader’s attention. This is much like creating a novel. The creative direction will create the cover, but the important part is inside done by the writer.


Now that the substance of the website is complete, it’s time to make it pretty. Images are the first thing a visitor will see when goin onto your website. It’s the photographer or graphic designer’s job to make images that will entice the visitor to stay on the page. Any Sacramento website design wouldn’t be complete without these finishing touches.


This is a complicated process and what makes most people hire Sacramento website design companies. Basically, this is the backbone of the website. This allows the user to clink on buttons and be taken to where they want to go. This is what makes the website structured into different categories and allows the user to travel between the different pages.

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