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What If I Told You That Eating a Healthy Diet Can Be Filling and Fun?

What If I Told You That Eating a Healthy Diet Can Be Filling and Fun?

Here is the news that nobody wants to hear. A healthy diet generally doesn’t include all the goodies that you and I think are tasty. Today in America because of life on the go and busy life styles, all too many of us are eating on the run to save time. In America there are over thirty thousand fast food establishments serving up foods high in Trans fats which are a major contributor to obesity and high cholesterol. What’s a person to do?

Begin a new dinner regimen

During the day with the above mentioned ultra busy schedules, it’s hard to control what the family consumes on the run. One thing you can affect is the big meal of the day and that is dinner. It’s a sad clich?� that only the stuff that’s no good for us tastes good. Another popular idea especially in the male population is that healthy eating usually isn’t filling. In actuality, there are many types of healthy meals that will stick to your ribs while helping to lower bad cholesterol. Often the difference can be found in how we cook the meal as well as the ingredients.

Two Hearty and healthy Meals

Helping to lower bad cholesterol can be a snap by determining the ingredients of your next stew. The next time you want to try a stew, try replacing the gravy and beef with chunks of white fish and garlic based chicken broth. Using chunks of mild white fish will make a good meal even better for your heart. Add your carrots, tomatoes, potatoes and onions to the mix while including the chicken broth with some added garlic for seasoning and you negate the need for salt. Some pepper added will add a kick as well. What you will find is a delicious substitute for beef that is high in Omega 3 and will be filling while helping to lower bad cholesterol. If you are one who likes a bit of the spicy, throw in some chopped red peppers. The broth serves as a substitute for any creamy based gravy. Our second dinner recipe to help lower bad cholesterol is none other than a tossed chicken salad without the chicken. For a change add seared white fish chunks. The fish high in Omega 3 will do wonders to lower bad cholesterol. Add chopped Cranberry, tomato, chopped carrots, celery and if you want to really go wild some sliced mushrooms cooked in margarine verses butter. Toss this with your favorite type of lettuce and add your favorite dressing, and you will have the makings of a healthy, filling, and delicious dinner that will go a long way to lowering your bad cholesterol while rewarding you appetite as well as you heart!. Also consider adding warmed bran muffins on the side with mixed fruit for dessert and you will be the hero of the family!


Providing a filling meal for your family doesn’t mean it can’t be healthy as well. On the contrary, if you make it a goal to deliver two or three of these healthy meals per week you will go a long way toward lowering your bad cholesterol and countering all the less heart healthy things that are consumed during the day.

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