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The Ultimate Guide for Email Tracking

Earlier, people used to send marketing emails to their prospects and wait for hours and days and wonder about the status of their email – does that land on their inbox? Did the recipient open the email? 

As a beginner, most of the marketers had gone through this phase of uncertainty. How many times have you experienced this?

Did you find a way to cope up with this?

Now, we have email tracking software that allows us to know when a recipient opens our emails, takes any section such as clicking on any links, and opens any attachment. Like an email lookup tool, email tracking software is also vital for a successful email marketing campaign.

Email tracking gives you the potential to build and keep up the relationships with your prospects. These tracking tools keep you updated with information such as open rates, click-through on links & attachments, times, etc. With the data you get from the tracking tool, you can make informed business decisions. 

How does this email tracking process work?

The email tracking tool plants an unseen image pixel in the sender’s emails. This pixel can detect the accurate date and time a recipient opens an email.

With this knowledge, you can send a perfectly timed-followup that enables you to close deals quicker than ever.

It’s of no point to send multiple follow-up emails when the receiver has not even read the first one. 

So, it’s good to filter out the recipients who haven’t shown a response to your first email.

Here you see the importance of email tracking. This feature allows you to be aware of your first email status. And with the knowledge about the prospects who haven’t opened the first email, you would be able to ensure that you aren’t sending follow-up emails to them. By this, you save your time as well as that of the recipients.

Likewise, when you know that contact is responding to your email by clicking on the links or downloading the document, you can be sure that you are currently at the top of their thoughts. 

In this instance, when they are thinking about your message, you should reach out to them. By doing so, you make the interaction more meaningful. 

Sometimes, writing emails can be frustrating. It’s pretty common to stumble on how to start or what to say to begin your communication.

You could use this fantastic tool to enhance the customer experience; however, you must use this thoughtfully. You must set a TAT with your team for reaching out to a recipient after you receive a read-notification.

I recommend you define the use of email tracking tools in your privacy policy, and when people signup for an email subscription, disclose that email tracking notifications are in use. 

There are many email tracking tools, and you have to choose the one that gives you a live notification when someone opens your email. So, choose an easy-to-use and accurate email tracking software.

Some of the well-known email tracking software are Mailtrack, HubSpot, Mailalert, Streak, etc. 

Now that you know these tools, you may have to experiment with these tools and see by yourself, how it works.

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