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The Hidden Benefits Of Cholesterol

The Hidden Benefits Of Cholesterol

With the onslaught of heart diseases and hypertension in today’s times, people tend to blame one innocent victim, and this is cholesterol. It is often a common notion that cholesterol is the number one in the most wanted list in terms of heart attacks, high blood pressure and even diabetes. But is it really?

Well, for those who do not know, the level of cholesterol in the body and even the food rich in cholesterol are not to blame for such diseases but rather food or any other substances that causes inflammation inside the body. So what then does cholesterol do?

The Good Side

To begin with, cholesterol is waxy substance that can be seen along-side the fats in one’s blood stream and throughout all of the body’s cells. This area of coverage makes cholesterol very important in the body since it is also used to form cell membranes, and helps in the production of bile, which in turn helps digest fats. This assumed-criminal is also important in the proper absorption of soluble vitamins like vitamins A, E, K, D and different various steroid hormones.

Wrong Accusations

With all the good benefits mentioned, how come cholesterol has been dubbed as a killer? This is because when someone who has a high risk of having a heart attack, his arteries usually would have a high cholesterol build-up. But, its presence there is actually for repair purposes. The inflammation in the artery on the other hand, is what causes the damage. This is proven by the fact that coronary disease is usually caused by chronic inflammation.

So blaming cholesterol is a wrong move, and it has been proven.

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