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The Great Cholesterol Lie Review – Is Dr Lundell’s Book Really Worth the Investment?

The Great Cholesterol Lie Review – Is Dr Lundell’s Book Really Worth the Investment?

Any “review” that you read on “The Great Cholesterol Lie” says that Dr. Lundell has put together a very comprehensive book on the causes of heart attack and prevention, one that can change and most likely will save your life.

The great thing about this book is its ability to open your eyes and change your mind-set regarding some very ingrained and set beliefs about heart problems and heart attacks.

In his book Dr. Lundell explodes the myth that cholesterol is the prime factor that contributes to fatalities and diseases of the heart. He stresses that inflammation, not cholesterol, is the most dangerous factor, and that unless inflammation is brought under control, there could be no hope of recovery from heart problems. According to “The Great Cholesterol Lie” a heart attack is primarily caused by inflammation, which if not controlled can lead to fatalities.

“The Great Cholesterol Lie” reflects the voice of millions of people across many countries who say that this book has saved their lives and that of their dear ones. Knowing the truth has empowered them to fight effectively against heart disease and prevent first and second heart attacks effectively. In such cases, Dr. Lundell’s book is definitely worth the investment.

The first priceless thing that this book offers is a change of mind-set. You stop thinking that cholesterol is your number one enemy and start focusing on what causes inflammation in your body. This is not easy, but according to most reviews of “The Great Cholesterol Lie” Dr. Lundell does a great job in bringing the truth into view so you can see for yourself.

There are enough studies that agree with Dr. Lundell’s perception, but the fact has not been disseminated or popularized enough as yet. This is unfortunate, because awareness about this hideous hidden enemy could save millions of lives every year. A review site of “The Great Cholesterol Lie” points out that the book is written in a simple engaging style, one that any layperson could understand and internalize without any effort.

Dr. Lundell does not stop at exposing the main culprit that causes heart attacks, he goes on and advises on the best steps you could take to prevent and abolish inflammation in your body. The simple steps he offers are easy enough for anyone to follow successfully and thereby eliminate the threat of heart disease and heart attack permanently. This is just one of the priceless things this book offers, which definitely justifies the investment.

After you read the book, you would be a changed person as you would understand why, in spite of all your efforts to keep your cholesterol low, you still have aches and heart problems. You would also understand that inflammation is your number one enemy not only for your heart, but for your overall health – your arthritis, your backache, your lack of sleep at night, even infertility are by-products of inflammation.

“The Great Cholesterol Lie” shows that knowledge is power – and once you know, you can take action and improve your life and that of your dear ones.

What better payback could you wish for from any investment?

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