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The Benefits of Making Love for Body Health

For married couples, having sex is a worship in their married life. Some people have the assumption that someone who regularly has sex becomes less sick. This explains that making love with a partner turns out to bring many benefits to the health of the body.

7 Benefits of Making Love for Body Health
Married couples have a variety of positive reasons to have sex more often. In essence, intercourse is used as an activity to reproduce. According to most couples, having sex regularly is a way to have fun, maintain intimacy, and keep the body in shape.

Strengthen the Closeness of Couples

Having sex will produce an orgasm which is useful for releasing the hormone oxytocin or the love hormone which helps married couples increase their sense of trust and strengthen the bond between them.

When having sex, the husband and wife will automatically get to know each other and engage in conversation. This will make the couple closer and understanding each other. Regularly having sex with one person will also increase the level of commitment, so that the risk of divorce can be reduced.

Increase Happiness Levels
A study says that frequent quality sex can increase feelings of happiness. Intimate relationships will increase the harmony of the relationship, so it can reduce stress levels.

Improve Sleep Quality
In having sex with a partner, you will experience an orgasm. When that happens, the body will produce the hormone prolactin which can cause a sense of relaxation and sleepiness so that you will sleep faster and more soundly. Contribution to the quality of your restful sleep can strengthen your immune system and increase energy.

Boost the Immune System
For married couples, having sex can reduce stress so that the couple will have a relatively stronger body against germs, viruses, and bacteria that cause disease. Even a study says that having sex 1-2 times per week on a regular basis can increase levels of antibodies that can protect the body from infection.

However, the intensity of sexual intercourse that is too frequent, or more than three times a week, will actually reduce antibody levels in the body so that it is the same as those who do not have sex regularly. This is thought to be due to high levels of stress and anxiety that are the cause.

Helps Burn Calories
Having sex or sex means doing physical activity with a partner. This activity has the same weight as a brisk walking activity. Having sex for 30 minutes can burn about 200 calories. For couples, scheduling intercourse is the right activity to exercise and burn calories on a regular basis.

Keeps the Heart Healthy
The heart is the control center of the body, so maintaining its health is one of the keys to a healthy body. According to one study, men who have sex twice a week have a lower risk of developing cardiovascular disease, compared to people who only have sex once a month. If your wife is menstruating and you want to have sex, you can do it yourself using a Rotating Suction Masturbation Cup. By using Acmejoy Products ,the rich particles and tongue inside, licking and grooming your dick frantically, stimulating every sensitive spot on your penis. The entrance lip design warmly invites you to experience. Fully automatic function, you can enjoy your solo or invite your partner to play together. The powerful motor provides 10 different thrust rotation rhythms and 10 different speeds.

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Control the bladder
In women, as they age, they will experience bladder control problems so that urine can flow uncontrollably. By having sex with a partner, will help women in matters of tightening the lower pelvic muscles, with muscle contractions during orgasm. Maybe you can use .

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