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Other Uses for a Nursing Cover

Other Uses for a Nursing Cover

One of the nice things about a nursing cover (also called a breastfeeding shawl) is its versatility. Not only does it serve as a great cover-up for breastfeeding in public, but in a pinch, it also works well as the following:

Pumping Cover

That’s right, when you need to pump out in public or at work (and don’t want to have to sit in a dirty stinky bathroom to do it), use your breastfeeding shawl and pump under cover in privacy, comfort, and style!


When no other blanket is near at hand, a nursing cover will work great. Wrap baby in it, shield sensitive skin from sun, or ward off a sudden cool chill in the air. Additionally, lay the shawl on the ground so baby has a clean surface to lie on or on which to spend some valuable tummy-time.

Car Seat Canopy

Arrange the breastfeeding cover over the car seat to provide make-shift protection from the elements such as sun or snow, wind or rain.

Stroller Canopy

Out for a stroll and the sun is pounding down on that sensitive baby skin? Drape your light and airy cotton nursing shawl over the stroller to create a welcome shade. You can even use the strap to secure it in place.

Baby Carrier Sun Shade

While you are wearing your baby in a baby carrier, wear the nursing cover around your neck like usual, and simply adjust the strap to make the fabric hang at the desired height over your baby. Remember, the cotton fabric is breathable and light, perfect for draping over baby to provide shade from the sun. And you don’t have to hold onto it and worry about it falling or blowing away like a typical blanket.

Diaper Mat

No, a nursing shawl is not padded, but it does provide a clean surface to lay baby down on when a sudden diaper-change emergency strikes. And you know it will!

Burp Cloth

When spit-up arrives and you’re grabbing for a cloth-any cloth-to wipe up the mess, a nursing cover will do. Use just the flannel pocket corner, or the entire shawl for bigger messes. This is another reason why you want to make sure that you get a nursing cover that is machine washable!

So you see, it’s always a good idea to have a nursing cover near at hand, even if you don’t anticipate nursing under it.

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