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Endometriosis Develops Several Years After Menarche Control Your Pain With Pill Reminder

Endometriosis is when an abnormal tissue grows outside the uterine line; it develops after some years from your first menarche.

It affects a woman when in her periods where she suffers from extreme pain or pain in the lower abdomen. Sometimes the women who have endometriosis don’t show the symptoms as it occurs to them much later when they have problems related to pregnancy.

Woman’s who have endometriosis often suffer from abdominal pain, heavy periods or pain during intercourse with their partner. Sometimes they even face problems while trying to get pregnant because of endometriosis outside their uterus.

The doctor can cure endometriosis by performing surgery to remove or burn out the endometrial tissue.

  1. About Endometriosis

Many women feel pain when there are in menstruation, but there are few of them who show sign of endometriosis. There are many reasons why endometriosis occurs; one of the reasons is that some women have a weak immune system.

Sometimes it is possible that if someone in the family had endometriosis, then you might also get endometriosis as there is a possibility that genes influence endometriosis.

When the women with endometriosis have their period, they bleed not only from the cells and tissue inside the uterus but also bleed from outside the uterus.

 There are many risks of having endometriosis. For example, the possibility of never being able to give birth or become pregnant, due to getting periods at an early age, one might have heavy menstruation.

 You can go to the doctor for the checkup and get an ultrasound test as it uses high-frequency sound waves and shows an image of the inside of your body, your doctor can recognize abscess associated with endometriosis.

  1. How does Endometriosis Happen?

In endometriosis, some of the blood from your uterus travel backward. Another explanation is when some cells in your body change to become the same type of cells that line the uterus from outside. It can be that the cells that are lining the uterus from outside travels through the blood vessels to reach other body parts.

There is also a possibility that your endometriosis can spread at the time of surgery. Endometrioses happens because the bits of tissue that lines the uterus grow on other pelvic organs like ovaries, bladder.

You may feel severe pain when you are menstruating; you may also develop a fertility problem. Luckily, there are many treatments which are available nowadays, which are helpful and increase the chances of you becoming pregnant.

You should exercise and avoid the consumption of alcohol; you should also take the birth control pill continuously.

  1. Endometriosis Treatment

You should take medication which will help you reduce your pain and swelling (IBUPROFEN). You can opt for surgery as it will help you to diagnose endometriosis, undergoing surgery will remove or burn the endometriosis laceration outside of the uterus.

If you do a surgery your pain symptoms may improve, and there is a chance that you will be able to become pregnant, but there is also a chance that your doctor might suggest you remove your ovaries and uterus.

 If the doctor decides to remove the uterus, then you can never be pregnant. Although nowadays there are many treatments available with the help of which you can become pregnant.

After surgery, you should go for hormone therapy. It helps you by slowing down endometrial tissue growth as it prevents new implantation of the endometrial tissue.

Pain relief medications are also recommended by the doctors so that it is less painful when you are on your periods. There are chances that after the endometriosis surgery, both endometriosis and the pain may return.

  1. Various Complications because of Endometriosis

Most of the women have trouble with reproduction as there are very slim chances to get pregnant when affected with endometriosis. Due to these complications, some woman’s get emotionally affected and later may get into depression. Depression and anxiety, both have a huge negative impact on the body as well as on the day to day life.

Endometriosis does not just affect your uterus but also your ovaries and bladder. It usually depends upon the location of your endometriosis tissue. When you have endometriosis it also hugely affects your relationship with your partner and family, you should really try to talk to them as they play a big role in your life and will always be there as your support system.

 You may also suffer from pain while intercourse, feel pain while urinating or blood in your urine. Endometriosis can have a huge social or psychological effect as you might suffer from depression and can be emotionally affected in many other ways.

There will be a natural decline in reproductive hormones when you reach in your mid-40s and 50s this term is also known as menopause.

When you have endometriosis, there are high chances that you may have ovarian cancer, but the risk of lifetime ovarian cancer is low.


You should be careful with your help and definitely should now start to panic if you are showing symptoms of endometriosis. Immediately see a doctor is strongly recommended for people who are starting to notice any of the symptoms related to endometriosis. There are a lot of treatments available for the same.

 You should see to it that you are taking your medication on time, nowadays there are applications such as Pill Reminder available online which manages your medications, herbs or vitamin supplements. This way you will hardly ever miss taking any of your medications. It also allows you to set a reminder. Your health should be your priority. You should not settle for less when it comes to your health. By setting the reminder for your medication, you will not forget to take it on time. This will even help you to control your pain with pill reminder.

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