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Drinking Alcohol Every Day Leads To Lower Testosterone Levels

It was back in 1985 when alcohol’s effect on fertility was investigated by scientists for the first time. It was revealed then that chronic alcoholics have lower testosterone levels, sperm concentration, and seminal fluid volume. Since then, various other effects of alcohol on fertility have been uncovered. Luckily, male enhancement pills have been able to help bring back the performance, penis size, and erection that men have missed out on such as Malegenix.

Chronic Alcoholics Have Poor Semen Parameters

When analyzing fertility, scientists use various semen parameters to measure a man’s fecundity. For instance, testicular weight is considered an indicator of fertility. Unfortunately, those who drink alcohol in large amounts end up having lower testicular weights than non-alcoholics. Lower testicular weights mean smaller testicles with fewer sperm cells inside.

Chronic alcohol drinking is also associated with lower sperm count, semen volume, and sperm morphology. Alcohol consumption is also linked to higher numbers of sperm cells with damaged DNA and lower sperm viability.

Drinking Daily Versus Binge Drinking

Scientists differentiate between daily alcohol drinkers and those who drink heavily occasionally.  Previous studies have shown that even if you only drink moderately but on a daily basis, it can still lead to poorer semen quality and lower testosterone levels.

In one study comparing occasional drinkers and those who drink alcohol daily, infertility rates were higher in the daily drinkers. Time-to-pregnancy is also significantly longer in couples wherein the male partner is a chronic heavy drinker. When both partners drink heavily, it can lead to fertilization failure and lower live birth rates.

The Bottom Line

Alcohol should be consumed only occasionally and in small amounts. Of course, this is much easier said than done. But if you really don’t want your testosterone levels to go down or for your semen quality to decline, you should do it for your sexual health. And if you’re really worried about your testosterone levels, taking male sexual enhancement supplements is also an option.

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