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A Cholesterol Test is the Only Way to Know Your True Cholesterol Level

A Cholesterol Test is the Only Way to Know Your True Cholesterol Level

Are you worried about your cholesterol levels, then it might be the opportune time to get a cholesterol test. These tests are easy to perform and can be done to you by your primary health care physician. There is a variation of over the counter that you can purchase to do at home, however I would recommend that especially for your first test you have it done by your doctor.

The cholesterol test will let you know your level of cholesterol so that it can be identified if you need to take additional measures to lower your cholesterol. High cholesterol does have any tell-tale symptoms so you have to do regular cholesterol test to ensure that your levels are not too high.

Cholesterol is actually built up in your system from the types of foods you eat; it is a fatty substance that is naturally produced by your liver. It is taken through your system by your blood stream via your lipoproteins. Lipoproteins are present in two different forms the low density and high density. The low density ones are known as bad cholesterol or LDL and the high density one as good cholesterol or LDL.

You should strive to keep your low density Lipoproteins (LDL) at a low level as this is not good. If its level becomes too high it can cause serious health problems such as heart disease and stroke.

If you eat a lot of fatty foods you should take a cholesterol test to make sure your LDL does not become higher than your HDL.

You should first look at what you are eating, avoid foods high in fat. If you are overweight, suffer from diabetes, suffer from thyroids problems, consume excess alcohol should have regular cholesterol test done. Also if you have a history of heart problems in your family, smoke and lead an inactive lifestyle you should do regular testing.

A cholesterol test is done simply by pricking your finger and you blood is then evaluated by a lab. When your doctor sees your cholesterol level he can then determine which treatment to give you. However, most doctors recommend statin drugs which comes with bad side effects. Ask him about an alternate treatment or you can search for one yourself. With his guidance you can try the natural alternative for a month or two and see if it is working. Natural is always safer, however speak with your doctor and get him/her opinion.

So, now you know by eating right, exercising, implementing a healthy lifestyle regimen and taking a natural cholesterol lowering supplement you should experience a lower cholesterol level and be healthy once again.

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