Learn the Truth from Myths on Losing Belly Fat

Follow the myths on belly fat from below and learn what the real facts are on these ones:

Myth #1 – With cardio exercising in the morning on empty stomach you can lose belly fat.

Fact: You shouldn’t consider a particular time of the day for doing the cardio exercises as long as these ones can be done during either of the situations: with or without eating previously to exercising.

Myth #2 – Cardiovascular workouts that last longer and are low in intensity are the best for reducing belly fat.

Fact: Many studies have been conducted in comparing the low intensity cardio exercises and the high intensity ones to reach the conclusion that the later ones are more effective. And besides why would you want to spend 40 to 60 minutes per day with the long lasting LIE (low intensity exercises) and get poor results when you can speed up the process with high intensity cardio vascular training?

Myth #3 – You have to do cardio exercises each day in order to reduce belly fat.

Fact: There are indeed many people who train each and every day into cardio exercises, but the matter of fact three to five days per week are more than enough to help you in your purpose. It goes without saying that throughout this period of time you must carefully keep track of your diet and cut the extra amount of calories. At this point you need to know that muscles burn more calories than fats do, and once you gain more muscles then your metabolism will increase. However you should consider combining cardio exercises with other techniques to get the desired results.

Myth #4 – Cardio training is more effective than resistance training.

Fact: According to recent studies, building muscles through resistance training can help a lot in burning belly fat regardless of your age. You will find out that both men and women can lose around 4 pounds of fat while training into resistance without performing any cardio vascular training at all. Through resistance training your body will focus more on replacing fat with muscles and if this is not relevant enough, what else is?  The Body Beast program by Sagi Kalev can help you with muscle training.

Myth # 5 – Cardio should be performed in the area where you need to lose fat.

Fact: This myth relates to the concept known as ‘fat burning zone’ that is based on having a lower and upper range for the heart rate. With a lower rate your heart will have the chance to benefit from cardiovascular training while the upper rate will allow the muscle to be burned instead of burning fat. But this is not true because the most effective workouts occur when your body gets all sweaty while straining to raise the heart beat to higher levels.