The 5 HTP Benefits


For the ones who have been looking for a good dieting pill for weight loss, the name 5 htp might ring a bell. It is without doubt one of the most popular names in the arena of diet pills. It is said to act as a great appetite suppressant and that too without harming the body much. Many people have claimed to lose noticeable amounts of weight in a small time span and thereby having attained a healthy lifestyle. But the 5 htp benefits do not really stop at only being a weight loss agent. Its functions go beyond this one restricted field.

The 5 htp benefits encompass various others realms – particularly those related to mental aspects. You need to first of all know what 5 htp really is in order to understand its other effects. The 5 htp is a chemical compound which is created every time the body secretes serotonin hormone. In this context, you also need to know what serotonin is. Serotonin is the hormone that control our moods. After reading this, you might have guessed about the other benefits of taking 5 htp supplements. The benefits are given below.

Get sounder sleep with 5 htp

Have you been suffering from insomnia for far too long? Insomnia or the inability to sleep at night is a very unhealthy condition as it decreases the brain’s ability to function properly – particularly due to the exhaustion that comes with the lack of sleep. And there is also a connection between people who are insomniacs and obese. Often, the lack of sleep results in binge eating at night, which leads to rapid weight gain. The lack of sleep also lowers down your body’s metabolism which in turn leads to slow burning of fats in the body. One of the major 5 htp benefits is its effect on insomnia. Taking 5 htp supplements regulates the level of serotonin in the body which in turn ensures that the brain gets ample rest. You feel a lot more at ease and are able to fall asleep easily. In fact, the quality of your sleep becomes better too. As a result, tendencies like late night snacking and conditions like low metabolism rate are sufficiently cured. The end result is a much lower body weight.

Fight your depression with 5 htp

5htpIf you have heard the term ‘emotional eating’, then you would understand this point. As the level of serotonin decreases in the body, you get frequent mood swings. It also brings anxiety attacks, panic attacks, headaches and all these, when heightened too much may lead to depression. When our mind is in a depressive mode, we tend to try and offset that by distracting ourselves with food. Even though our body is not really hungry, we keep on eating because it feels good. We focus more on fattening, sugary food as they tend to lift our moods. But this type of solution simply ends up making us obese and even more depressed than before – because the emotional effect f the fatty food fades away, but the physical ones stay on. One of the major 5 htp benefits is in regulating the moods of a person. Buy notching up the serotonin it cures the depressive tendencies and thereby helps us keep our weight in check.

Regulate your food craving with 5 htp

Finally, this is one of the most popular 5 htp benefits. The 5 htp supplements have been rightfully used for getting rid of unwanted weight fast. It helps curb the appetite cravings and makes your body satisfied with smaller food portions. As a result, your chances of over eating are minimized. In fact, it regulates your cravings for particularly fatty and sugary foods by keeping the serotonin levels high. Hence, you do not feel the need for comfort eating. As a result, your calorie intake remains low, body metabolism remains high and you lose weight in a safe way. All these 5 htp benefits make it a must have for anyone looking for such a well rounded weight loss solution